Schools in Oak Cliff

School options in North Oak Cliff neighborhoods have never been better thanks in large part to supportive programming, dedicated teachers and parent group initiatives offered in our community.  Learning does not end at the start and conclusion of the school bell, and these fantastic community resources can help busy parents connect with like-minded families.


As a realtor specializing in Oak Cliff, one of the first question I am asked by prospecitive residents considering purchasing a home in Oak Cliff, is the most obvious one, “how are the schools?”  Well, thanks to the hard work and commitment of so many individuals committed to improving the lifes of our children and communities, Oak Cliff offers terriffic options for families considering either public or private school options in Oak Cliff.   Let’s take a look at some of the groups and schools available to Oak Cliff residents.

One caveat, always be certain to check with the school district to determine the current boundaries, sometimes referred to as “attendance zone maps” when considering purchasing a new home for the purpose having your children attend a specific school.  MLS information and even information provided by the seller is often times incorrect and redistricting is always a possibility.  At the time of this post, DISD offered this attendance zone map for Rosemont Elementary:

Other DISD attendance zones can be found at


Now lets explore various schools in Oak Cliff.


Not your Momma’s PTA! Rosemont Early Childhood PTA (RECEPTA)

 Rosemont Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA) is the oldest early childhood PTA in the state of Texas. For over 75 years, this organization has had its finger on the pulse of all things Oak Cliff. While benefiting Rosemont Elementary, RECEPTA membership is not limited to Rosemont parents and all parents (or soon to be parents) living in or around the North Oak Cliff area are welcome. Membership in RECEPTA grants OC parents access to these incredible resources.

Play groups – Play groups are organized by birth year and are a great way to meet other moms and dads. It’s the perfect place to toss around solutions and stories.

Monthly Meetings – Meet other parents in the group and get involved. Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month unless otherwise stated.

Mom’s Night Out – Get out for some adult conversation!

Sunshine Meals – Volunteers provide meals to families that have just delivered, adopted a child, or require assistance in times of special need.

Retreats – Get away from it all with people who understand just how priceless those moments away really are.

Emails – This Yahoo email group is a great way to find out what your neighbors are recommending, selling, doing and advising.

Oak Cliff Dad’s Join In Too! Membership in RECEPTA includes The Rosemont Dad’s Club

These Oak Cliff dads are serious about their neighborhood’s’ and children’s future.  They are dedicated to providing resources to supplement the development of students at   Rosemont Elementary School and Rosemont Primary School – Chris V. Semos Campus,  both of which are public schools in the Dallas Independent School District.  In addition, the Rosemont Dad’s Club host an annual golf tournament all for a great cause – to help develop a more robust athletics program at Rosemont Elementary . Visit or their Facebook page at for more details on how to get involved.  Ged Dipprey and Dave Perry-Miller& Associates were proud supporters of 2014’s golf tournament.

Get Involved
RECEPTA Membership is open to any parent or prospective parent in or around the North Oak Cliff neighborhood. Members include stay-at home moms, stay-at-home dads, moms who work outside the home, pregnant and adopting parents. . .the list goes on.  The organization reflects the diversity of our extended neighborhood and thrives on the common love for our kids, and the neighborhood community in which they will grow up. A downloadable brochure on the program is available at or visit for more information.


Day Care

Parent’s Day Out Program at Kessler Park United Methodist Church offers an incredible for toddlers.  The Kessler School and the PDO share facilities but are run individually. .  Call me if you want details, both our kiddos have attended this great program!



Elementary Public School Options:

Rosemont Primary (Lower Campus)-Pre-K- 2nd Grade

Rosemont (Upper Campus)– 3rd-5th Grade

Rosemont International Language Prep– 6-7th Grade


Private & Other School Options:

School for the Talented and Gifted -Grades 9-12“The School for the Talented and Gifted is one of the greatest high schools in the country.” –Jay Matthews,Newsweek Contributing Editor and Washington Post reporter.



Grades: Pre-K thru 5th Grade



Grades: Pre-K-12th





There are several other options ranging from Montessori to other great public magnet school options.  Call me to discuss or feel free to post your own suggestions or recomendations.



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