Ged Dipprey

Why Good Deed Group?
I really wanted to be “other centric” focused and serve my clients well. I also wanted to work with others as a team wherein we can support each other professionally and personally. Celebrate the highs and lift each other up in the lows.
Now, more than ever, our careers are requiring more and more of our time.  Because of this, I wanted to enjoy what I did for a living and I wanted to make a difference. To make an impact!  Our team is very much aligned with the objective of serving others and putting other people’s needs above our own.
What did you do before Real Estate?
After graduating with a Management degree from UT Austin,I started a promotional marketing firm out of my mother’s living room in San Antonio. My high-school friend and I grew the company and ulitmatley moved the business to Austin. We serviced domestic and international clientele and ultimately sold the business in 2005. This led way to a making a move to Dallas and the beginning of a 13 year career in real estate.
What area of Dallas do you live in/ First Placed you Lived?
Oak Cliff, Texas literally stole my heart! It’s independent spirit, artistic / creative soul simply stirs my own!  We found our home in Stevens Park Estates in 2006 and never left!
Favorite Restaurant?
Breakfast at El Jordan Cafe is simply the best!   While the food is authentic and great, its really the simplicity of the place that I love.  It brings me back to my childhood!
Fun Fact about yourself?
I love Jesus, I love ALL people and I love laughter; even at when it’s at my own expense!  I’m usually one of the first to a party and the last to leave!
Tell us about your Family:
I’m a little bit city and a little bit country! I was raised in a hard-working railroad family in South Texas.  Both parents  were very entrepreneurial and at one time owned a Western Wear store along with a multitude of other creative side-hustles.
We call Oak Cliff home and live in Stevens Park along with my wife, Lori, who is an extraordinary leader in an IT consulting business and an amazing teacher to our two kids, Gavin 11 and Taylor 9!  We love spending time in East Texas where the kids and dogs can run wild!  Our family loves to travel both domestic and international!