Kessler Park



Kessler Neighbors United

This verdant enclave comprises the neighborhoods of Kessler Park Estates, Kessler Square, and Kessler Highlands.

Kessler Park Estates, established in the 1920s, became one of the first neighborhoods designed for the automobile. Here one finds the imposing Tudor and Spanish Eclectic mansions for which Kessler Park is famous. Other period revival styles are well represented here. Decades later, prominent families were constructing 1950s ranch style homes, some quite large and unique. Newer rustic contemporary houses are often constructed into hillsides surrounded by lush woodland terrain. Regardless of architectural style or age, the neighborhood has always maintained its prestige.

Kessler Neighbors Unlimited was founded to maintain this high quality of life and the exceptional beauty of the area. The month of May sees an annual neighborhood picnic, and Christmas brings holiday lights on trees in the medians. Many streets boast lavish Christmas displays. With its proximity to Stevens Park Golf Course, Methodist Hospital, the Central Business District, and panoramic views of downtown Dallas, the Kessler area is arguably the most beautiful historic neighborhood in the City of Dallas.

Please see Kessler Neighbors United Neighborhood Association for more information.

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Average Sales Price: $500,000
Established: 1920’s
Conservation District: Yes
Architechtural Styles: Tudor, Spanish Eclectic, Ranch, Cottages, Period Revival

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