iBikeRosemont Begins April 24th

Ged Dipprey and Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate are proud to once again support iBike Rosemont and it’s efforts in encouraging kids to ride their bikes to school.  And your little biker will not want to miss the great freebie Ged and DPM are handing out!


Click here for some great photos of the event in years past!


iBike Rosemont is a combined effort between Rosemont Elementary, parents, students and neighbors. The week consisted of morning bike rides to school by parents and students. The riders get a card that is punched each day they ride their bike to school.

At the end of the week on Friday, the kids, their parents, volunteers and teachers participate in a group bike ride to Eno’s in the Bishop Arts District, where the kids turn their punch cards in for a free root beer float.


Here’s a great video about iBike Rosemont:

Regular ridership at the school is significantly higher than other neighborhood schools.  Also, the City is stepping up to the plate investing in bike infrastructure (thanks to Councilman Scott Griggs) making it safer for kids to ride to the school.  Some of the City’s first buffered bike lanes can be found right outside the school.